Briefly Specification

Outline Dimension 222(H)mm x 140(V)mm
Active Area 205(H)mm x134(V)mm
Mode/Color/Type Positive/-/OCB
Viewing Direction -, O’CLOCK
Viewing Angle 150 Degree
Connector Type Heat Seal(Not included)
Lead-Free Requirement for PIN (Y/N) N/A
Driving IC
Driv Voltage(VLCD) ~25.0VOLT(p-p)@ +20 centigrade
Operating TEMP centigrade -10~+60 centigrade
Storage TEMP centigrade -20~+70 centigrade
Polarizer Front H.T. Transmissive (Not included)
Polarizer Back T.T. Transmissive (Not included)
Viewing Angle 176 Degree
Back light Color White
Wavelength/Spectrum Intensity/Luminance Glass Type Circular Polarizer 3D Glass (Single use)
Outline Dimension 222(H)mm x 140(V)mm
Active Area 205(H)mm x134(V)mm
Contrast/Ghost >100:1
Efficiency 19%@144Hz(Triple Flash Mode)
Screen Size 18m width( Use 6kw Lamp, Silver screen Gain 2.4)
Operation Speed Up to 400FPS (Easily supports new 3D High Frame Rates of 192 and 240 FPS)
Actuator Two-Position rely closure for 2D to 3D
3D Display Mode LC Filter
GPIO Input D-Sub Jack 37 Pin to Circular connector 4 Pin
Signal Output Circular connector 8 Pin
Power Input Voltage 100~240V(50/60HZ)
Power Output Voltage Adaptor 12V, 5A,60W
Power Consumption Apprx 4W

Digital Projector for 3D Setting

frame rate multiplication 6:2
L/R input reference Left = PA, Right = PB
Input Frame Dominance Right
GPI input none
GPI output (or Display) none
Dark Time 480 microseconds
Output Delay 0 microseconds
Output phase 0 degrees
Output Polarity True
L/R Display Reference Not Used